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How to Use a Bair Hugger Therapy in Surgery

The Bair Hugger theory uses temperature management in using forced warm air out to treat hypothermia in surgery patients. There are a number of items used in this therapy including the blanket, the accessories and the warming units. Different hospitals have been using the therapy since it was discovered.

A number of patients tend to grow too cold during a surgery. This is whereby the body loses so much heat to the environment that it is able to produce. Infections and a lot of blood loss are experienced in such cases. To stop this, the Bair hugger therapy was invented.

The Bair Hugger therapy is the only one of its kind to provide normothermia in surgical patients all over the world. The therapy has been used successfully to many patients in the world and the doctors are in full support of using it in the operation rooms.
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The warm air filtered during the therapy is forced into the blankets that are used in covering the patient. The patients’ body is then warmed evenly by the blanket. These blankets are disposable after use to overcome the risks of infection from one patient to the other. On the surface of the blankets you find holes that are meant to be used in draining excess liquid. Evaporation that can occur due to cooling is therefore avoided.
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The Bair hugger warming units have many advantages in using them. The warming units are designed to be very small in size, and they help in creating more space in the workspace. They are also light in weight and therefore can be transported easily from one point to the other. Since they are freestanding, the equipment can easily be attached to any pole. The equipment has been known to be much cost effective.

There is also the Bair hugger warming accessories. In this, we have the rolling carts, the temperature kits, drapes and even hoses. These accessories are replaced to be used instead of using the normal surgical ones. They are made in such a way that temperature is managed to certain levels when using them.

There are a couple of controversial statements that have been made due to the use of the blanket. It has been said to cause infections to hip replacement and heart surgery patients. This is due to a condition that brings about wound infections and pressure sores with a huge need for blood transfusion.

The surgeons have been using this therapy. To avoid contamination which highly leads to further infections to a patient, it is important to sterilize all equipment before use and also check a patients’ medical history first. The proper use of these forced-air warming devices eliminates the risks of infection while maximizing the benefits of patients warming.

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