Top Career Opportunities by Degrees

Whether in school or in any stage of employment, looking forward in time is a good idea. A time horizon of several years is useful for making mid course adjustments in your career, or course of study. Being aware of the likely-hood of a demand for your skills and talents is a realistic objective.

The article here presents projections of employment demand in various fields and for varying levels of  educational programs.

Careers: What is Your Plan B? Plan C?

Whether you are a youth preparing to attend college or a working adult, the odds are your career path will change a few times both during your education and working years. It is a good idea to plan to gain skills that are transferable and select education targets that match future opportunities. Be aware of […]

Research with an Informational Interview

An informational interview is a meeting to learn about the real-life experience of someone working in a field or company that interests you.It's not a job interview, so it's important to keep focused on getting information, not a job offer. It has future value in its planning and conversational interaction. Three steps will outline the […]

Use and Evaluate a Mock Interview

In order to polish your performance in an interview you can engage a person to ask some tough questions.As a job seeker, you have to practice for your upcoming interview.  This practice interview, or mock interview, provides the opportunity to gain experience fielding questions for the purpose of polishing your answers and professional presence.Maximize the […]

How To Calm Your Mind For An Interview

Job interviews are stressful business, but they do not have to make you crazy with worry if you focus your thoughts on three main things:  preparation positive thinking presentation The thought of a job interview can make your head spin. There can be much anxiety prior to an interview– What will they ask? Will I […]